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Waking Up with a Headache? Try Our Smart Pillow to Reduce the Morning Fog

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Waking Up with a Headache? Try Our Smart Pillow to Reduce the Morning Fog

Ugh, waking up with a headache is probably the second-worst thing that can happen to you when you first wake up in the morning (The other being the horror of finding out there’s no coffee in the house).

It starts your whole day poorly and nobody likes being in a state of pain the moment they wake up.

In fact, it’s probably the embodiment of what people mean when they say that you’ve “woken up on the wrong side of the bed.”

So just what are these rude little reminders of our own biological fragility and how can we prevent them from ever happening again? Is it even possible? More to the point, what even causes morning headaches to occur in the first place?

The answer may well surprise you.

High Tension

What we refer to as a run-of-the-mill morning headache is, in actuality, something called a tension headache.

Tension headaches occur when the body, particularly in the neck and spine are in a tense state for long periods of time.

This can be down to a variety of factors but for the most part, it’s largely a result of overuse.

Most commonly, tension headaches occur during long work hours sitting at a desk or in a vehicle, due to the poor posture and additional stress on the neck and shoulders that both situations provide in abundance.

Tension headaches aren’t simply limited to the neck and spine though and can occur if someone engages in long sessions of clenching their jaw or even straining their eyes.

Low Prevention

So how do we get rid of these pesky tension headaches?

Well, the short answer is to stop doing things that create tension in your body - chill out, relax, read a book.

But the reality, of course, is that it isn’t really that simple to just stop doing the things we do on a daily basis, particularly when those activities involve our careers.

So what’s the solution here?

Regular Hibernation

LushDream™ - Smart Pillow

The key to helping out with tension is to, essentially, maximize the time of day where we’re mostly doing nothing.

That time is, you guessed it, when we’re sleeping.

Keeping your neck, shoulders, spine, and hips in better positions during long periods of sleep can be a huge method of preventing the long-standing effects of continuous headaches and help out with the usual aches and pains of the day as well.

With the help of our LuxSleep™ - Smart Pillow, keeping your neck and shoulders in a more relaxed state has never been easier, which is specially designed to support the neck and spine, keeping them correctly aligned, and tension-free, throughout the night.

Even better, our LuxSleep™ - Knee Pillow can help out as well, keeping the lower body and knees correctly aligned for those that like to sleep on their sides.

Keeping yourself tension free in the night is paramount if your finding yourself waking up with a sore head in the morning.

So keep those headaches away with our range of sleeping aids and accessories. Take a look at the whole collection here.


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