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Are You A Side Sleeper? Use This Knee Pillow To Sleep Better And Protect Your Back

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Are You A Side Sleeper? Use This Knee Pillow To Sleep Better And Protect Your Back


Sleep can be surprisingly problematic for a natural process. We have more comfortable beds than ever, but insomnia is at an all-time high. Those who do manage to get some shut eye often wake up feeling fatigued and cranky. To make things worse, back and neck pain makes getting out of bed a not-so-pleasant experience.

If this happens to you on a regular basis, you might need to adjust your sleeping position. Posture is essential for good rest and spine health, but it’s not exactly easy to pull off. 

This is where the knee pillow comes in. It’s a nifty little accessory for side sleepers that protects your back and lets you enjoy your sweet dreams. Read more about the benefits of using a knee pillow.


Are You A Side Sleeper? Use This Knee Pillow To Sleep Better And Protect Your Back


The benefits of using a knee pillow

Each sleeping position puts some sort of strain on your back. For side sleepers, the biggest problem is that the spine gets twisted and bent. After 7-8 hours of staying in that position, no wonder it hurts when you get up and stretch!

The easiest solution is to start using a knee pillow. Here’s why:

1. It keeps the knees on top of each, which means more support and less pressure on the spine. It also keeps the pelvic area and the hips aligned, which leads us to point no 2.

2. It prevents hip pain since the joint doesn’t rotate out of alignment anymore. This means you won’t need to cancel your morning running sesh because of hip aches!

3. It alleviates sciatica and lower back pain. When you sleep on your side, you often end up rolling your upper leg on the mattress, thus putting a twisting pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you’ve ever had an unpleasant tingling sensation in your leg when sleeping like this, it was most likely the nerve’s cry for help.

4. It promotes better circulation. As soon as you twist your body and start putting pressure on different parts, your circulation is also affected. By placing a pillow between your knees, you ease blood flow through the vena cava, a major vein that connects to the heart.

5. It feels great! As healthy as it may be, using a knee pillow is also very comfortable. And good sleep is all about comfort!

How to choose a good knee pillow

You might be tempted to use a regular pillow between your knees - that’s not a great idea. A normal pillow will still strain your back since it’s not designed for that area. 

We recommend you try out a pillow that was created to support the knees and the spine, like our LuxSleep™️ Knee Pillow.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it fits and stays comfortable between the legs.  It also doesn’t flatten, which again, is essential for proper support. 

It also has a breathable cover with a zipper that ensures that the pillow ventilates and doesn’t get warm. 

The LuxSleep™️ Knee Pillow is the missing piece in your sleep puzzle. Make sure you try it out for yourself and thank us later!


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